"Best Yoga Studio 2013 & 2014"

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"One of the Best Yoga Studios in KC"

by The Kansas City Sun Times (March 23, 2015)

"2015 Kansas City Award"

by Kansas City Awards Program

Come, experience a source of newfound energy.

Our students will tell you, “Yoga makes everything better.” Really. That’s why we say, “Practice and ALL is coming.”

Yes, you’ll lose weight if you need to, you’ll certainly tone and renew your body, become more agile, coordinated, and you may even find that you recover from injury and illness more quickly… but that’s just the beginning – a dedicated yoga practice does so much more.

You’ll notice yourself becoming significantly calmer, more creative, and responding rather than reacting to challenges. You’ll enjoy walking through life feeling stronger and more confident.

So come, join our inclusive community of people of all ages, body types, and cultures. Allow yourself to be supported, motivated, and inspired to become the best You ever!

Are you ready?

Welcome to Maya Yoga – Break through to your potential.

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